Bloodwork Services for Pets

In-house laboratory allows for quick and effective results to diagnose issues in dogs and cats. 

Bloodwork is a useful diagnostic tool that provides us with insights into your dog or cat’s internal health. Through bloodwork, our team can identify hidden health issues that may not be evident during physical examinations, enabling timely intervention and appropriate treatment. Additionally, bloodwork plays a crucial role in evaluating the efficacy of medications and adjusting dosages when necessary, ensuring the best possible care for our patients.

Why do dogs and cats need bloodwork if they’re not sick?

It’s a common misconception that bloodwork is only necessary when your dog or cat is sick. Though it can be helpful to do bloodwork when we’re trying to determine what’s ailing them, there is a range of other scenarios when we recommend it. For example, bloodwork provides us with a baseline of your dog or cat’s health. This gives us something to compare to in the future, especially if they unexpectedly become unwell. Other reasons we recommend bloodwork include: 

  • Preanesthetic testing 
  • Pre-surgery testing
  • Routine bloodwork 
  • Preventative screening 
  • Heartworm testing 

Does my dog or cat need to prepare for their bloodwork?

Before their bloodwork, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions you’ll need to follow to ensure we have the most accurate results. For example, bloodwork analyzes specific components of your dog or cat’s blood sample that associate with specific parts of their body. If they don’t fast or are dehydrated before their sample is taken, this could alter the accuracy of the results. To learn more about bloodwork, please contact us at 613-247-0013.

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