Dr. Justine Antunes


Dr. Justine Antunes
Dr. Justine Antunes DVM

Dr. Justine Antunes grew up in the small town of Courtice, Ontario, just east of Toronto. As a child, she spent a lot of time pouring over dog breed encyclopedias, watching animal planet, riding horses, and playing soccer. She attended the University of Guelph where she received her Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Biomedical Science in 2014. She then started her studies across the road at the Ontario Veterinary College, and graduated with honours in 2018.

Dr. Antunes's main interests as a veterinarian include behaviour, surgery, neurology, and preventative medicine. During her veterinary studies, Justine worked in the Ontario Veterinary College Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare Lab, where she worked with both dogs and cats. This founded her strong interest in behaviour, and provided her with the opportunities to present her research at conferences in North America, as well as work with veterinary behaviourists in the United States. Dr. Antunes has a keen interest in working with dogs with behaviour problems in order to improve their bonds with their owners, and hopes to ensure that each veterinary visit is a positive and fear free experience for dogs and cats.

When not in the clinic, Justine is an avid soccer fan. Growing up in a Portuguese family meant soccer was a necessity, and she both watches and plays. She's a strong supporter of Liverpool F.C., and was absolutely ecstatic when they finally brought home another trophy after winning the Champions League in June 2019.

Justine has an adventure buddy named Ellie, who is a Golden Retriever, and they enjoy spending their time off exploring new trails, beaches, parks, and anything to get Ellie's zooms out.